Reunion Groups

Reunion groups are an important and integral part of Tres Dias.  Being a part of a reunion group in your fourth day is absolutely essential. So much so that it is specifically mentioned in the Tres Dias International Bylaws.

So what exactly is a reunion group?

A reunion group is a small group of friends who meet regularly to encourage one another to continue their Christian growth by sharing their experiences of Piety, Study, and Action.  There are men’s groups, women’s groups and couples groups.

If you have sponsored a candidate, one of your responsibilities is to connect your candidate to a reunion group. Why not invite them to join yours? If the time doesn’t work for them, help them find one that does. Or better yet, why not start one yourself and encourage those who are not yet in a group to join you.

To join a Women’s Reunion Group, contact Sharon Stewart at

To join a Men’s Reunion Group, contact Brett Griffith at

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